DVDLister is a movie database for storing movie information within your library. Discover new and old movies. Search for Movies or Actors by name. Get your info anywhere anytime.


Movie Highlights

Movies color coded based on the status set for the specific movie.

Movie Details

Get information and actors listed for the movie.

Actor Details

Get actor/actress biography and movies with the actor/actress.

Display Options

Change the way the movies are displayed in your list.

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Other Great Products by Brice Caris

Down below you will find a list of mobile applications and games created by me that I think you will enjoy.

Bird Drops: Birdies Revenge

Fly Birdie as far as you can and exact your revenge on the human race and mans best friend for the destruction of his beautiful home.

Neon Maze

Navigate your way through the neon mazes and collect lumens as you go. Watch out for the power drain!